PCS J Mains Ques. For UP And Bihar Part 1



1: Define:

A. Decree 
B. Order
C. Judgement 

Write In Brief The Distinguishing Freatures From One Another Giving Illustrations.

2. What Do You Understand by ?
A.  Multifariousness
B. Misjoinder of Parties
C. Misjoinder of causes of Action

What should the court do in Such Cases ??? 

A plaintiff Brings A Suit On the Basis Of Several Causes Of Action Against the Defendant.what should the Court Do in Such A case ? 

3. Explain The Difference Between

A. Wrongful Restraint And Wrongful Confinement.

B. Kidnapping And Abduction

C. House Breaking And Lurking House Tresspas 

D. Robery And Dacoity

4. What is Culpable Homicide ? What Does it Amount to Murder And When Does it Not Amount to Murder ???

5. When A High Court can quash a process in a complaint case ? 

6. Write A Short Note on Dying Declaration ? 

7. To what kinds of Punishment Are Offenders liable under the Provisions of Indian penal Code ?

8. A threw acid on the face of B, a young girl. Under What Section of IPC A can be Convicted ?

9. Under What Circumstances a police Officer Can Release An Accused on bail After his Arrest For A Cognizable offence but which is not bailable ?

10. Write A note on Summary Trial. What offences can be Tried Summarily ??

11. State the Circumstances under Which a private person may Arrest Another person ?? 

12. Whether on an Application in writing made by an Accused Person, he can be tried for more than 3 offences at one Trial ???

13. A, an Accused, while in police custody makes a confession to his Relative B. Is the Evidence of B Admissible ??? 

14. Write a brief note on Criminal Conspiracy ??? 

15. Write Brief Notes on the Following - 

(A) Proclaimed Offender

(B) Extra Judicial Confession 

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