Power Of Courts




Section 26 of the Code Of Criminal Procedure,1973(As Amended by Criminal Law (Amendment) Act,2013 Gives a list of Courts by Which Offences Are Triable.
Power of Courts

SECTION 26: Courts By Which Offences Are Triable

Subject To the Opposite Provisions Of This Code -:

(1) Any Offence Under The Indian Penal Code may be Tried By -

(A) the High Court
(B) the Court of Sessions
(C) The other Court By That Such Offence Is Shown Within the 1st Schedule to Be Triable:
PROVIDE That Any Offence Under section 376,section 376A,Section 376B, section 376C,Section 376D Or Section 376E of IPC Shall be Tried As Far As Practicable by a Court presided over by a woman.

(2) Any Offence under any other law Shall,When Any Court is mentioned in this behalf in Such Law,be tried by such Court and When no Such Court is So mentioned,May be Tried by-

A. the High Court,or
B. Any other Court by which such offence is shown in the First Schedule to be Triable

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