UP PCS J Mains First Paper GK 2019

                       UP J MAINS FIRST PAPER GK 

                                                       DATE 30/01/2019


1(c) Discuss In Brief The Constitutional Provisions Regarding the Rights Of Children.

1(d) Mention the provisions in Indian Constitution that Maintain Independence of Public Service Commissions.

2(a) Visit Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Japan (Oct. 2018)
 (Que. 2 Word Limit 50 Words)

2(b) Namami Gange Programme

2(c) BRICS Summit 2018 

2(d) Performance Of India In 2018 Asian Games 

3(a) How Did Tthe Movement for Liberation of Women Receive stimulus from rise and growth of the national movement in India ? (word limit 75 words for Que. 3 )

3(b) Trace the growth of the Indian Home rule Movement in Britain.

3(c)"The Mainstay of Gandhi's movement was the Agricultural India ." Elucidate.

3(d) Mention the major regulations enacted by the British Rulers to curb the freedom of press in India.

4(a) Pratyush            (word limit 50 for Que. 4 )

4(b) Chandrayan- second 

4(c) Agni-Five 

4(d) Bharat Net 

5(a) Write the name of the persons honoured by the following Awards :
Gyanpeeth Award (53rd), 2018 
Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award,2018
Arjuna Award (Wrestling), 2018 
Man Booker International Prize, 2018 
Femina Miss India, 2018 

5(b) Which personality is also sub-named (titled) as the following ?
Swar Kokila 
Dhing Express

5(c) Write the full form of the following abbreviations :

5(d) Who are the authors of the following books ?
Judicial Reforms- Recent Global Trends 
We the Nation
I Do What I Do 

6(a) Mention the Mjor Causes Of Drought In India.(word limit 75 for que. 5)

6(b) write a note on national water gride.

6(c) write the census definition of urban places.

6(d) How can ecotourism be promoted in India ?

7. Throw light on main points of the following schemes (word limit 50 each)
(a) Ayushman Bharat 
(b) Mission Indradhanush
(c) Sagarmala Project 
(d) Make In India Programme

8(a) Discuss the main features of the agriculture export policy, 2018 as approved by the union cabinet in Dec. 2018 (word limit 200)
8(b) Give brief information about following (word limit 50 each )
Fugitive economic offenders act,2018
The Prevention Of Corruption(Amendment) Act,2018

9(a) Why have the following places been in news Recently ? (word limit 30 Each )
Tham Luang
Lombok Island

9(b) Why have following personalities been in News Recently(word limit 30)
Uttam Pacharne 
Sunil Arora 
S. Mirabai Chanu 
Prof. G.D. Agrawal 
Rekha Sharma 

10(a) After the Emergency of 1975-77, How has the Judiciary interpreted the Constitutional position of Directive principles of state policy ? (word limit 150 )

10(b) Who said the following Statements ?
Sare jahaan se accha Hindustan Humara
Back to Vedas
Jai Jagat 
Jai Jawan Jai kisan Jai Vigyaan 
Who lives if India Dies 

10(c) Describe in brief about the following (word limit 50 each )
Nipah Virus 
INS Karanj
Zero Hour 


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