Code of Civil Procedure 1908 Most Important Questions

           Code of Civil Procedure,1908 Most Important Questions



Hello Readers, Top 20 CPC,1908 Most Important Questions Given Below : 

1. Under what circumstances can a defendant be arrested before judgement and when can such order be given? Explain Also the procedure for such Arrest.

2. What is cause of Action ?

3. What is the object of framing issues in a civil suit ??

4. What are precepts?

5. What is meant by Abatement of a Suit?

6. what is meant by guardian ad litem??

7. What is the Criteria to grant Temporary Injunction By a Civil Court ??

8. How a Decree for Injunction Can be Executed??

9. What Are the Valid Grounds for Rejection of a plaint ??

10. What is Counter Claim ???

11. In what circumstances and in what manner Substituted Services Are Made ???

12. Define And Distinguish Between Preliminary Decree And Final Decree.
What Will be the Effect on the Final Decree Passed During the pendency of the Appeal Against the Preliminary Decree,in Case the Appeal is Allowed ???

13. What Are the General Powers Conferred on the High Court or the District Court As regards the transfer and Withdrawal of suits,appeals or other proceedings??

14. Only Mention the Different Modes For Execution of Decree,Prescribed under the Code Of Civil Procedure,1908??

15. Distinguish Between Appeal,Revision,Review And Reference, Cn there be a second Review or a second Revision?

16.  What do you understand by Representative Suit ? By Whom and Under What Circumstances can Such Suit be Brought ??

17. Distinguish Between The Rule of res judicata and estoppel.
Discuss As to Whether a judgement Delivered by a court,without jurisdiction,is binding on parties in subsequent litigation.??
Can a party to the suit Raise the Question of Jurisdiction At the Execution Stage???

18. What is meant by Ex parte Decree ? Examine the circumstances Where An Ex Parte Decree may be Set Aside.

19. What do you understand by Inter Pleader Suit? Explain the conditions and procedure Relating to Inter Pleader Suit.

20. Explain the Meaning Of Followings:

       Mesne Profits.

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