Contract Act 1872 Most Important Questions

                     Contract Act 1872 Most Important Questions




Hello Readers,Top 20 Most Important Questions Of contract Act,1872 Given Below:

1. What is voidable Contract ? Describe the Distinction between Voidable Contracts And Contingent Contract .

2. Write Short Notes On the Following :
 a   Subrogation
 b   Contract of Indemnity

3. with the help of decided cases, Distinguish between Void And Illegal Contracts.

4. Discuss in Detail Contract Through email under Indian Contract Act, Refer to Recent Case Law.

5. write short note on offer and acceptance in the context of law on contracts.

6. Every Promise Is An Agreement, Examine the Validity of this statement in the light of thr relevant provisions of the Indian contract act,1872.

7. An Agreement Without Consideration is void, Explain the Rule with exceptions.

8. A stranger to a contract can neither sue nor be sued on contract. Explain 

9. Explain with Decided Cases Anticipatory Breach of contract.
How Damages are measured in such breach of contract ??

10. The liability of surety is co-extensive with that of the principle Debtor.
Discuss with the help of Decided cases.

11. Discuss the Law Relating to the Privity of Contract in English and Indian Law With its Qualified Exceptions.
Discuss Relevant Case Laws.

12. How Are Damages Awarded Under a contract may different from those awarded for commiting a tort???

13. Discuss with the help of Relevant Case law the exceptional circumstances in which a court will injunct a bank from honouring a guarantee issued by it in Favour of the benificiary.

14. How Are Liquidated damages different from General Damages ? Are Liquidated Damages Required to be proved ?

15. What is meant by Frustration of Contract ? What Are the Pre-requisites for excusing parties from performing the contract on the ground of Frustration??

16. Restitution stops, where repayment begins. Discuss the above statement in the light of decided cases.

17. Discuss the Following in Brief:
(a) Privity of Contract 
(b) Unlawful Agreement
(c) Guarantee And Indemnity 

18. write Short notes on Novation of Contract.

19. The Journey of the Consent as an essential element of a contract has been from Reality to myth. Examine This statement with Reference to Standard from Contracts.

20. Minor's Agreement is void. Explain it with Exceptions.

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