Transfer of property Act 1882 Most Important Questions

    Transfer of property Act,1882 Most Important Questions 

Transfer of property Act 1882 Most Important Questions



Hello Readers, Top 20 Most Important Question Of Transfer of Property Act,1882 Are Given Below:

1.  Explain the law in respect of Transfer for benifit of an unborn person.

2. Distinguish Between Mortgage And Charge.

3. Explain the Rule Against the perpetuity Provided In Sec. 14. How does it Affect an agreement to sell, in Future ?

4. Define Subrogation,who are the person entitled for subrogation. Distinguish between legal and conventional subrogation.

5. Redeem Up and foreclose down. Comment with help of decided cases.

6. Sec. 53A of the Transfer of property Act Does not confer title. It enables a person without title to defend his possession. Do you agree with the statement ? Give Reasons for your answer with the help of decided Cases.

7. (a) Define Sale. 

7(b) How sale of immovable property is made ?

7(c) What is Contract For Sale ?

8. How Lease is defined under Transfer of property Act ? How Lease is Created ? How it is determined ?

9. Write Detailed Notes on-:Immovable Property Bona Fide Transferee

10. Discuss the Doctrines of part performance and Equitable estoppel and Distinguish between them.

11. Define Immovable Property Attached to the Earth Transfer of property.Explain the Meaning Of Vested Interest,Contingent interest and conditional transfer.

12. Explain Actionable Claim. How an Actionable Claim is Transferred?

13. What are the requisities of valid notice to Quit ?

14. Distinguish between vested Interest and contingent Interest.

15. State Rights And Liabilities of Mortgagor And Mortgagee.

16. What Do you mean by Onerous Gift And Universal Donee ?????

17. What is the right of Redemption ? who can exercise these Rights ? Can the Right be curtailed by An Agreement Between the parties ? Discuss.

18. A lease is not a mere contract but a transfer of an interest in land and creates a right-in-rem  Amplify.

19. What do you understand by Ostensible Owner ? Under what circumstances a transfer of immovable property by an ostensible owner is binding on the real owner???

20. Explain in Brief the Various Modes Of Transfer of Immovable Property. How does a mortgage Differ from a gift ???

Comment If You Want To Ask Questions Related To Transfer Of Property. I will Definately Help You.

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