Indian Constitutional Law Most Important Questions

         Indian Constitutional Law Most Important Questions


Indian Constitutional Law Most Important Questions

Hello Readers Today I will Tell You About Most Important Questions Of Our Indian Constitutional Law.

1. What do you understand by judicial review ? What is the effect of Article 13 on pre-constitutinal laws and post-constitutional laws? Explain Your Answer with the help of Decide Cases.

2. Describe the Fundamental Duties prescribed under Article 51A

3. What Are the major commitments of the constitution of india as incorporated in its preamble?

4. What Protection Against arrest and detention have been provided to a person in the constitution of india?

5. Describe the Procedure of Amendment of constitution of india. Under what circumstances the amendment requires to be ratified by the legislatures of the state ???

6. Whether Right to privacy is a fundamental right or a constitutional Right or not an absolute right.Discuss in a view of the relevant provisions of constitution of india and the latest decision by supreme Court of India.

7. CriticallyEvaluate the Scope of the Expression of "personal liberty" in Article 21 of the constitution of india. Do you think that expression procedure established by Law in Article 21 Introduces in India,the american due process clause on the subject ? Discuss

8.  Which of the Following Writs literally means "you have the body"

(A) Habeas Corpus

(B) Mandamus

(C) Quo Warranto 

(D) Certiorari

9.  Explain what is meant by the Expression "Failure of Constitutional Machinery in a state under Article 365 of the constitution of india". Which situatin will fall and which will not fall within the expression? Explain.

10.   Under What Condition President can declare Emergency??

11. Under what circumstances, apart from concerned parties, a third party has locus standi to move writ petitions before the High Court or the Supreme Court?

12. Is the President of India bound to Follow the advice of the Prime Minister? if the President of India does not accept the advice of the Prime Minister, what consequences would Follow ?

13. As compared to the other federal constitution, what are the Distinctive features of the Indian Constitution ?

14. What is the Procedure Prescribed in the Constitution for the Appointment of a judge of the supreme court? Discuss Citing Decide Cases.

15. Discuss the power of the President  to proclaim an Emergency. What changes have been brought in this respect by the Constitution 44th Amendment Act ??

16. Write The Directive Principles Of State Policy Given in the Constitution of India.

17. Write A Critical note on the Public Interest Litigation in India with the help of Leading Cases. How Far Has It Affected the Principle of Locus Standi?

18. How Far has the Supreme Court humanised the Expression 'personal liberty' And 'life' Under Article 21 After Maneka Gandhi Case?

19. Descibe the Procedure for carrying out amendments in the Constitution ? Can Fundamental Rights Be Amended ????

20. How Far the Concept of Rule of Law has been recognised by the constitution of India ? Discuss with the help of Decided Cases And Constitutional Provisions.

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