Indian Penal Code Most Important Questions

              Indian Penal Code Most Important Questions


Indian Penal Code Most Important Questions

Hello Readers Today I will Post Important Question Of Indian Penal Code (IPC) Please Share These Important Question With All Civil Judge Aspirants
Most Important Questions Are Given Below:

1.  Descibe the Essential Element of theft and point out Distinction Between Theft And Extortion.

2. Descibe the Offence of Voyeurism And Stalking ??

3. Write Short Notes on the Following:

A. Mens rea 

B. Investigation

4.  What do you understand by Right of private defence ? when right of private defence of body and property can extend to causing of death ? Refer to case laws.

5. Distinguish Between Kidnapping and Abduction. Give Illustrations.

6. Distinguish Between criminal misappropriation of property and criminal breach of trust.

7. What is meant by the public servant under IPC, 1860. Discuss with Explanations.

8. Define Criminal Conspiracy  And state its punishment.

9. Discuss if there is any purpose to differentiate Specific defences from general defences under the Indian Penal Code.

10.  Discuss the Law relating to criminal intimidation in what way extortion is different from criminal intimidation.

11. Explain the meaning of expression 'truth which public good requires', good faith and conduct of any person touching any public Question in the context of commission of criminal defamation. Does sec. 499 IPC Curtail liberty of free speech and expression? support your reasons with Case law.

12.  Define the offence of Defamation. What are the essentials? Explain with illustrations.

13. what do you understand by Abetment? Describe various modes of Abetment ????

14. What do you understand by Culpable Homicide ? When it is murder and when its is not murder ? Explain.

15. Write Brief Illustrative note on - Prejury

16.  Having regards to the conditions in our country, do you feel that capital punishment should be abolished ? Give reasons for your answer.

17. Discuss the Law Relating to Rape as laid down in the Indian Penal Code.

18.  Write Short Note on the distinction between Counterfeiting And Forgery.

19. What is Obscenity. Distinguish between Obscenity and Vulgarity. what offence, if any Please Explain.

20. Write Short but critical note on - Sedition

So If You Want to Ask Any Question Please Comment Thankyou

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